Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The End?

I hope you all had a productive holiday week. I certainly did. Plans were made for the wedding, a copious amount of fatty foods were consumed, annoying family members were endured and/or avoided, and the Boy and I learned a lot about what it means to leave your newly established home for a week.

And in all that time, I haven't had the hungering pains for WoW. I had a small stab of guilt for not updating the Butterfly, but that accompanied the frustration of not having much to post about. A small part of me says "quit now, while you still recognize how easy it is to walk away!" but another part of me says "do you really have something better to do?" I do still want to down Arthas, and make at least 50,000 kills, but they are goals that are very casual and not exactly time sensitive. I feel that my lack of drive is a good thing; this addiction has burnt itself out.

Despite the Boy's warnings that I should get a backup game for the inevitable rebound, I feel like my gaming drive is just dying out in general, like a childhood habit. This has good and bad components. On the good, it means I can devote all the necessary energy to school, research, and home. On the bad, it severs one of the ties that brought the Boy and I together in the first place and ensured our relationship would last through our time apart. Yet I think he will be able to relate - after all, he announced a couple weeks ago that he was growing tired of beer, and I rushed to check if he was feverish. Something tells me, however, that just a good solid break from a gaming console will be a good fast to set me up for another go for another game, should I feel the call again.

This isn't the end, not yet. You'll know when I'm gone for good ;)


Anonymous said...

Console games are the best thing to fight WoW with if you feel the need.

Modern Warfare 2 has had me in a bind for weeks.

My Tuesday maintenance game has been Torchlight. It's cool, fun, and best of all has a Pause button!

Ashvoyager said...

hooray! you're free!

run while you're still able.

Joe said...
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Negathle said...

Ah, Joe, I'm fairly sure that only applies to sex toys :D

(I bet you all wish you knew what he said.)

@ Stupid Mage

We now own, in total, an xbox, an xbox 360, a wii, a PS2, a PSP, and a nitendo DS. Both handheld consoles were new to us this holiday, and I now have the strongest urge to start browsing the selection for either, since the Boy can only play one at a time :3