Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Yogg Nerfs

When we started work on the Old God 2.0 last week, we were very surprised how well the first several attempts went. No one was mind controlled, the Guardians didn't swarm us, and we blazed through the first portal phases nearly instantly.

Then someone recalled: They nerfed Yogg. For the first time in the guild's history, we are working on content after they scaled down the difficulty of the encounter.

It's a very humbling experience. Admittedly, we have had three weeks of work on Yoggy, and at least two of those were stunted due to server outage and attendance issues, so we were making progress, regardless of the nerfs. But still, this is not what we are used to. It feels like cheating - like claiming you made progress into Sunwell when 3.0 hit. Who didn't go in and roflstomp Brutallus, but there is a difference between working on the encounter and seeing the content. It's like being two months into Black Temple and then they remove the key!

I am very confused as to why Blizzard feels the need to rush everything in this expansion. I get that they want more people to see content - yes, okay, I'm fine with that. But so soon? People won't even be allowed to experience the fights how you intended them to be before you nerf them - is that truly the same then? Isn't there some monetary incentive to make content last longer, as well? Spread out the content, keep people hanging on for more? I don't get it.


Thunderhorns said...

I'm with you. It sucks to win after the nerf. I was just happy we beat Mimiron before the nerf. He's a joke now. And I'm happy we beat Razorscale before the nerf.

Ulduar isn't Naxx easy yet, but it's much, much easier than when it first hit. Kind of makes me sad because winning in Ulduar doesn't feel quite as good because of it.

And we didn't beat Yogg nerf either. We only got one week on him prior to nerf and we had some serious problems with Phase 1. MC dispel was slow and we couldn't keep up with the adds.

Should be much, much easier with no MC.

Negathle said...

It is. P1 is a joke without the MC, as long as you have the rhythm down for the DPS.