Monday, June 29, 2009

Raid UI: Action

It has been an unkind week in Ulduar. Both of the progressive guilds were struggling along side us just to get the bosses down. In all fairness, we had tank absences, so we had to relearn some of the fights.

Anyway, here is an action shot of my new UI:

List of mods seen here:
Power Auras - Cooldown timers (the icons in the middle of my screen)
Bartender 4 - Action bar arragnment
Deadly Boss Mods
ForeXorcist - Timer bars
Mik Scrolling Battle Text
Pitbull - Player/target/focus frames
Prat 3.0 - Chat mod
Quartz - Cast bar
Satrine Buff Frames - Buffs/debuffs
Titan - the bars at the top
XLoot - loot mod
zHunter - I still use this for my aspects


Sal M said...

Hey, Negathle, would it be possible to get an annotated breakdown of what everything is? I still haven't _quite_ gotten down my UI, and I'm kind of curious on the logic behind how your UI works for you.

--Fluffywumpki of Kilrogg/Dark Aftermath

Negathle said...

Better? Or more specifics?