Monday, June 8, 2009

Ball Breaker and Quest Gainer

That's me!

With the advent of summer comes the lack of raiders. Tonight's 25 man had to be canceled tonight due to lack of warm bodies, so 10 of us worked on hard modes instead.

Having Two-Tower Flame Leviathan on farm already, we decided to check out Three-Tower, destroying Freya's. Hodir's defense mechanisms suck massively. We ended up knocking down Thorim's tower just to be able to work with the slowed vehicles and big blue beam of freezing annoyance, but it still took a bit to get used to. We just kept a mage on him to overload, such that he could solo him while the other demolisher kept pyrite stacked.

Then came XT, and OMG that is a fun fight on Hard Mode! We went with our resto shaman going elemental for the fight, though he kept up chain heals during the tantrums. We killed the heart with about five seconds to spare. At this point, there are no more repair bot adds, but the Light Bomb does spawn an add that the OT picks up, and Gravity Bomb causes a rather large void zone.

We tanked him on the left wall - all people with Gravity Bomb when right, all people with Light Bomb with left, where the DK would put Death and Decay under them and I would kill the add as he tanked it. A hunter/DK combo for this is ideal, as if I pull aggro, I may FD, or he can Death Grip it if my FD is on cooldown. Interestingly enough, I had no mana problems, wheras I did something terrible when we went on to work on Iron Council Harder.

Running on a bit of an ego trip now, we thought, "Fuck Harder Mode, let's just do Steelbreaker last!" Yeah, no. Tanks go squish. Quickly. So we just went back to the Runemaster last and nailed it. He dropped the Archivum Data Disc, of course, and the officers rolled on it for the key quest(s) to Algalon. Yay for being a high roller!

I wonder how long those will stagnate in my quest log?

I must say though, I love Ulduar. The instance is such a breath of fresh air. I really enjoy the myriad of encounters, and I think they are rather well done. The fact that there are six different ways to do the Council of Iron alone is pleasing to me and a symbol of a fight well planned. Here's to endless wipes after pressing that Big Red Button!

Oh, and I had a wonderful birthday, and a wonderful Friday following my birthday. Thank you all for your well wishes!

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