Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The teaching role

One of the aspects of guild leadership that I particularly admire for building character is that of a teacher. Sure, there are the standard cliches of moral standing, providing an example to the rest of the raid, and all that jazz, but there is also the function of instruction. We need to tell our raiders how things need to be done, even if they told us first, it is our responsibility to make the orders for how a fight is conducted.

We tried out four new raiders tonight, in addition to knocking out Flame Leviathan with Hodir's Tower up as one of the two. There was some eagerness to try it with three towers, but I felt it necessary for the raid to get used to the slowed state of their vehicles before adding it on top of everything else. One of our initiates, a resto shaman, was a little uncertain of her role. She was initially in a Demolisher, but Recount said she wasn't keeping pyrite stacked, so she was moved to shotgun in my Demolisher. I spammed the button to keep the blue up, but I was out immediately, and didn't get any refreshed. So I had a little talk with her. Turns out she had never even been in a Demolisher before, driving or shotgun, and was at a most lost what to do. So walked her through it - target the blue pyrite and grip them back, constantly keeping it up- and she did better, until that annoying grip bug snagged us. The last attempt she did perfectly, and our damage showed our combined effort:

It's so easy to yell at someone over vent for doing something wrong, call them a noob for not immedately adjusting to a strange raid role; it takes work to instruct someone, calmly and coherently, to perfect something immediately. She was a great healer, knew the fights (well, the healer's role at least ;) ) and asked questions. No doubt there was some pressure of impression for a recruit's first run, and I hope our run suceeded in lifting that.

I enjoy instructing people to do new tasks. I consider it paying it forward to all those players that patiently taught me as a noob hunter. I still remember my first Dire Maul run: "Hey, Neg, do you know how to kite?" "Um, no." "Well, this is as good as any to learn."


Kordwar said...

"It's so easy to yell at someone over vent for doing something wrong, call them a noob for not immedately adjusting to a strange raid role; it takes work to instruct someone, calmly and coherently, to perfect something immediately."

I agree 100%, i stopped doing 3s with a warrior friend of mine because whenever someone did something wrong he'd start yelling about how we don't know what we're doing. Whereas the healer (and my 2s partner) would say "what did we do wrong on that fight and what can we do to beat them next time?"

Kheldul said...

From the other side, you also need to remember you are TRYING to recruit them. They may decide you're not right for them if they get yelled at while playing a GAME. ;-)

Negathle said...

@ Kheldul

That's true, though I fear that yelling over vent has become one of those annoying symbols of a dedicated raid :(

Madlarkin said...

Being I was just in her position and got the total opposite treatment. Glad you took the high road.
I got a try out for one of the top guilds on the server prolly 4th or 5th progression wise through a couple good friends I made in it. I had only made it to Ariah with my previous guild. My luck my trial run was IC, Hodir, Freya, and general V. All fight I was very unfamiliar with only did IC once. All was good until we got to general and everything hit the fan. After several wipes none with issue with me last due to healer mana issues. They separate the ranged into two groups to try and aliviate some of the shadow crash dmg save healers some mana. First half of fight my group got 1 shadow crash few of our members head to shadow crashes get yelled at to go back ect ect. During that one shadow crash I got drain life I back up just fine *I had got it couple times before with no problem* second half we got almost ALL the shadow crashes. I after 2 couple of the guys from other group jump into our puddles that were stacked almost directly on top of each other. And of course I get the drain life with 10 people around me. Being distracted I didn't move right away and well neither did they. Bam 5 people who didn't move dead. I realize I have it disengage away from everyone and just backpedal some to make sure I was away from everyone. All of a sudden screaming ensues on vent of a mage *who happened to be in the other group and shouldn't have been on our side anyways* yelling at me calling me a "bad" and his sister could play my hunter better than me ect ect. Quote "Look he is S keying" continues to berate me while he is dead for the last 35% of the fight. He starts telling me GG being in viper noob in a fight you can't regen mana. This was straw that made me snap. I said first of all you shouldn't be complaining when you shouldn't have been anywhere near me anyways. 2nd I am to blame yes but you didn't move either if you look at the 5 people who did survived. Third when I was "S" keying *I wanted to say which I don't use just to be smart with him (I use D as backpedal to have more keyes around my fingers to bind)* I was already disengaged from everyone I was just kept backpedaling to make sure no one ran back into me. Last our healers had mana issues last fight so I am relieving that but using yes a gimped mana regen but one that doesn't damage me to regen mana. He start exploding on vent, all while we are still fighting general, finally raid leader tells him to stop but of course he gets one last shot in after that I just ignored it though while I finished killing general. Leave it to say I got asked to leave for Yog which I completely understood. But I didn't get guild invite because of one mistake the whole night that one guy blew into a big thing. Its funny because I made it into a guild that is downing up to freya last night and they brought me in for progression on freya just as a pug. Knowing how fight goes now I was in top 5 almost every attempt. They were impressed and asked me to join the guild when I wasn't even apping.

Sorry for the wall of txt but wanted to put it in prospective in the kudos I give for treating the sham like that. I still have yet to ride anything but a motorcycle.

Rilgon Arcsinh said...

it takes work to instruct someone, calmly and coherently, to perfect something immediately.

And when they refuse to take your instruction, lash out at it, and consider gkicking you?

How do you keep from going into the doldrums of apathy and bitterness?

Negathle said...

@Rilgon A LOT of patience. If this is someone I have never worked with before, I really have no ground in acting out. If this is a repeat offender, I can approach with some experience to the matter. In the end it just takes considerable amount of people-pleasing, playing to their ego, and subtle manipulation in order to get them where I want them to be. The incorrigibles, well, they burn themselves out in the end.

Thunderhorns said...

I'm of the same mind as you. Yelling is useless, and can be harmful when dealing with new people.

When I want someone to do something, I believe in taking a firm and serious tone that gets them listening and absorbing. You want people to listen to what you tell them, ask a question if they don't understand, and then execute. You don't want them afraid to ask how to get better unless you're some jerk that thinks he god's gift to Wow and everyone should be born with a complete understanding of every fight and the game. I can barely stand people like that.

Some people (often in uber guilds) correlate success in WoW as some kind of indicator of their own greatness. I often want to meet these people in real life to see why they could possibly put such stock in being good at WoW that they begin to think this correlates to their own intelligence and capability. They must really be lacking to do so.

Glad you know how to keep it even and still be a decent person when playing a game. Some people take more time to get good than others, but as long as they're trying it's best to give them a chance and help them learn.

I prefer to game with people I like and make raiding a pleasant and fun experience than the psychos that think it's a boot camp.

And as far as the incorrigibles, basically those folks who just don't get it or are very annoying and unwilling to learn or take instruction, well they do burn themselves to the ground and get kicked. I don't feel bad for them at all. I don't much yell at them either. I wouldn't waste my breath on such people.

Rilgon Arcsinh said...

those folks who just don't get it or are very annoying and unwilling to learn or take instruction, well they do burn themselves to the ground and get kicked.

Not if they're the god damn guild leader. -_-

Thunderhorns said...

Hahahaaha. That was funny.

No, not if they're the guild leader. Then you gotta take off.