Sunday, May 18, 2008

Random thoughts of a busy undergrad

  • The adoption process should be made easier. A conversation about declining populations in the countries that need the work force brought to mind how convenient and overly-simplistic it would be to pick up hundreds of thousands of people from third-world countries and plop them down in Europe to feed the job market. That could never happen, but one idea that could work is to stimulate more adoption programs so that children from those over-populated areas could be given a loving home and help boost the next generation population of these population declining countries. I know some European countries are already giving families incentives to have more children - wouldn't it be better to adopt instead? Just a thought, and not very well researched, but a ponderin'.

  • We failed to get Bloodboil down Thursday, despite a nearly flawless first attempt at which we wiped at 1%. I was BM at the time, and made me realize that the arguments of "Oh, if you were BM instead of MM, think of all the times those 1% wipes would be successes instead" are more strawmen than anything. I'm back MM, happily so. No more constant casting! Weee!
  • I have a concert today. Ugh. My first chair tuba called in saying he forgot it was his son's high school graduation, leaving little ol' me to fend for myself... and cover his solo pieces. It's not too big of a deal, but it's definitely not something I anticipated dealing with today.

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