Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My idol falls...

Mother Sharhaz really is the easiest boss in the game.

The fact that I maintained over 1000 DPS with five pieces of shadow resist is really disgusting and proof that BM is so overpowered -_-.

Anyway, it was a fun fight. The biggest issue was not running in the same direction as another person when getting the proximity debuff. We debated over the best way to do it, recognizing that it relies on split decisions and quick reaction times to survive, so we had every one call out which way they were running. It's not a perfect solution, and sure enough, I got the debuff, and at the exact same second that I say "Running to fountain" another person says "Running to fountain." So, me being the strafe-kiting queen, I strafe around south and away from the other person, and all three of us survived. Rock on.

So many jokes in the Den of Mortal Delights. I was happy ;).

And, yes, stripping is the solution to everything!

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