Monday, May 26, 2008

Ooo... I'm a Hybrid

I'll always be a Marksman hunter at heart, but I did tell myself that once I received the gear, I'd take Survival for a spin. And I gotta say, I'm enjoying it.

I read through Alu's Survival Basics and decided to go with 0/25/36 - Imp Hunters Mark, Imp Arcane, and Barrage. I am, in essence, a Raid Bitch. I pull, I mark, I Misdirect, and I raid buff. While I know I sacrifice my personal DPS for the better of the physical DPS, I decided to go with the Imp Arcane and Barrage so I could still weave like a MM. It makes me happy, let's just leave it at that (though, on our alt Gruul's run tonight, I was first on damage, beating the ingroup rogue). I went with Thrill of the Hunt, just for some mana independence. Hopefully, every raid I'll have some sort of shaman ingroup, and I'll just bask in the glory of Mana Spring and that happy agility totem.

Anyway, with a feral druid in group, I hit the unthinkable: Th glorious 50% crit. As a little nubblet hunter, I never thought I'd hit that glorious mark, but there it is. /sniff... Brings a tear to my eye.
Yes, I know I'm over the hit cap. It's not as easy as one might think to drop it once you work so hard to hit the cap... This was with usual raid buffs - only group buff was a feral druid. Dog, imagine with a shaman too... /drool.

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