Sunday, January 10, 2010

I fail to see the logic, and it makes my head hurt

One of the reasons I will not play into Cataclysm is the lore. I know, I know, we are going past anything the original Warcraft games have established, which means "new" lore is being made. I've resigned to the fact that concepts that really make no sense at all (like the Tauren sticking with the Horde once Cairne is killed, or Human/Undead hunters, which I greatly lament, and we all know better individuals that would make a better Warchief than Garrosh) are staying around, but I'm solving that issue by not giving Blizzard additional money to support it. Word from around many progressive guilds is that they will not continue into Cataclysm either, since the original lore will be done. However, when the lore fails to make a straight line in the game I'm currently playing, it irritates me nonstop.


Every time I enter Icecrown Citidel I'm reminded that Bolvar Fordragon will be the new Lich King. Remember that awesome cool cut-scene at the Wrathgate, where you got an achievement for watching it? In it some tall, bearded Alliance guy marched up and demands Arthas face them. He's joined by a brown-skinned Orc (Saurfang the Younger, soon to be Saurfang the Deathbringer), who is killed by Arthas, and presumably (unless you can read Draconic), that bearded Alliance guy (Fordragon) died too. Evidently not - the Lich King is still torturing away at him. You know that RP that you have to watch once in the Halls of Reflection, where Uther appears before your faction and says "there must always be a Lich King" and that "a grand sacrifice by a noble soul" must take up that role should Arthas be killed. Now, if that's not transparent, I don't know what is.

I'm okay with Arthas being killed. I don't particularly like it, I think they could have done something really original instead involving the Scourge and the Lich King, but I've accepted it. However, I find it disgustingly convenient that all you have to do to keep the Scourge under control is to kill the Lich King and replace him with another who happens to be on the leash called the Light. I mean, come on. The Lich King is conveniently not plowing over the entirety of Azeroth, despite the fact that is pretty much their only goal in existence - Uther says it's the human side of Arthas that is preventing this from happening; I say that it would considerably more entertaining and realistic if the Lich King were just toying with the races of Azeroth instead. After all, we know Arthas' humanity is gone - you should've been there during the pretty epic quest that established that.

So the Lich King dies. Okay, we now have the issue of the Scourge running rampant over Azeroth. That's a bad thing from our point of view, but I would venture to say that's not exactly a bad thing for the Scourge. In fact, I'm fairly sure that's all they really want to do. Uther says it's not happening because a non-existent part of Arthas is preventing it; I say it's not happening because it amuses Arthas to let us think we have a chance. He knows that if he dies, he still wins. Our ace in the hole is supposedly the ability to replace him with someone that won't let the Scourge annihilate everything. And we are supposed to believe that the same strength/soul that is preventing Fordragon from succumbing to his current torture is going to act the same as Arthas' current non-existant humanity, and keep a reign on the Scourge. Ew? How do we know that strength isn't going to be corrupted? Sure, he wasn't completely smitten by power when he was the regent of Stormwind, but he did allow a certain lady dragon whisper into his ear and sway his decisions. He's supposedly better than that now, with the entirety of the Scourge under his will? Doesn't it make sense that by rising him as the Lich King, it would be deja vu all over again? Fight Arthas, kill Arthas, fight Bolvar, kill Bolvar, fight...? Are we really expected to accept that we would have trust in a new Lich King? Of course, we have no idea the details to what happens next, but I feel that something equally as cheesy will be in store. But I hope I'm wrong.

Finally, it really irritates me that a Human has more inner strength than an Orc. Both are good people, neither fell prey to the influences of the Legion/Scourge, but it was the Orc that succumbed to the Lich King, not the Human. Wasn't this supposed to be a game about how both sides have their "humanity", dreams, ambitions, love, etc? Yet all through Wrath and into Cataclysm, that concept is falling apart, and the Horde are not staying on the high ground. Will there be no Hero of the Horde that will save the world, Alliance included?


Rilgon Arcsinh said...

If by "it was the Orc that succumbed to the Lich King", you mean that Saurfang the Younger is now Deathbringer Saurfang, that was kinda because he, y'know, had his damn soul ripped out at the Wrathgate.

Just sayin'.

Negathle said...

It was still the Orc that died and not the human. Obviously it was a 50-50 chance, but come on. It's like the black guy dying first in every other horror movie.

Murloc Wrangler said...

I don't know Nega, I think you're reading ta bit much into things..

..and what if it turns out Carine (full name Cream A'Bull Milk'bar) does actually do something to betray the Horde? An' before you say it, no one is above corruption, it's only a matter of time and/or motivation..

/off the cuff quasi-counter point

Negathle said...

Possibly, but that would but Garrosh in the moral-right, and what are the odds of that?

windpaw said...

I'm there with you Negs. While I'm fairly certain I'll be playing through Cataclysm my expectations are kinda out the door.

Maybe WotLK is supposed to be that dark second act. Where Horde players are supposed to feel adrift, lost, confused.

Maybe Cataclysm is the redeeming third act which allows us to be reborn in new light with new heroes and new hope.


But if past performance is any indication of our future story line, I've a feeling we're going to be left feeling like we've gotten the short end of pretty dumb plot-stick.

I hope not.

stupidm said...

I was never one for the lore, I just loved playing the game. That doesn't mean I don't appreciate the work that went into it, or look at lore lovers any different. Just that it doesn't break anything for me.

"But how can you do that Stupid Mage?" Well it's easy. I've played many tabletop wargames and every couple of years they all revamp their rules and change their story. In order to play a game I like, I have to play by their rules.

In the end, they could change Arthas' name to Jimbo the Clown and it wouldn't matter (much) because the lore and the story are fluff. They don't change how the game works.

Criven said...

Stupidm, they do change how it feels though. Fluff is one of the best parts of any game.

Murloc Wrangler said...

Possibly, but that would but Garrosh in the moral-right, and what are the odds of that?

What are the odds that oh say Thrall gets replaced by a hot tempered thin skinned paranoid fuckwit?

strange things do happen...

stupidm said...

Oh I agree. The exact same game mechanics in bunny suits would have me quitting.

There is some Korean free to play game like that and while I like some of the bits, the cat ears, bunny tails and killing foxes keeps me away.

-Stupid Mage