Thursday, June 26, 2008



I ranted a little bit earlier about Thori'dal, the legendary bow in the Sunwell. The only gripe I had about it was that it wasn't hunter specific, and that soon enough, just due to drop rate and time, a rogue would walk away with it to match their Warglaives.

PvPing in the Alliance towns for the seasonal quests, we had a guildee on his Alliance pally to scout it out for us. Evidently, Bristleblitz Striker isn't as common as it once was, and the rumor spread throughout the Alliance trade channel that the female Tauren hunter had the Legendary bow. I was amused and flattered... until I recently looked at it again.

Speed 2.7.... 2.7?!? The last time I looked at it, it was a nice and lovely 3.0 (at least in my mind, I could swear it was 3.0), save and secure like every other high end bow. Mind you, as a SV hunter, I'm not too disappointed about this difference, I'm even thrilled. But my MM loyalty is really pissed off right now. I. Hate. Everyone.

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