Wednesday, April 30, 2008

And thus I shall never visit the hunter forums again...

So passes Rilgon, MM hunter enthusiast and damn decent hunter. I liked you, guy. You were clear, concise, and kind all around. I'll keep your blog's link on my list, and who knows, maybe I'll click on it again some day and find you back at it. I know it'll bring a smile to my face.

I'll keep up the good fight of MM raiding once this BM stint passes, despite I was told I "really should stay BM" by my guild's bullying officer. I may not have the theory crafting down (nor am I totally enthused about learning more than I must), and I definitely don't keep up with everything that happens on the forums (and now the chances of that happening are extremely thin). But I'll be here, making random ejaculations about the life of a wasted raid spot ;).

Take care, Rilgon. You're missed already.

(And so much for the trickle of traffic garnered from your endorsement. It was nice while it lasted! :D)

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